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PressPlay Mixes #002: Jackal

PressPlay brings you another exclusive mix and interview, this time from rising English producer Jackal.

PressPlay brings you another exclusive mix and interview, this time from rising English producer Jackal.

What are your goals, professionally and personally, for the new year?

My main focus this year is to branch out and work with a lot more artists and vocalists than I have before. I’ve just moved to LA so it’s great to finally hang out and meet a bunch of other producers and people I’ve only spoke to online. I’m sitting on a bunch of crazy music at the moment that i’m still kinda working on so i’m really excited for this year more than ever!

How would you describe your music? What inspires you creatively?

I think the best word to describe my music is “raw”. I like to go for sounds that are so small and weird and put them over the biggest drums I can make. I come from a dubstep/drum and bass background, at least when I started producing music. So I definitely think that comes into it. But I get a lot of inspiration from the old Pharrell/Neptunes beats and hip-hop in general. And of course my favourite producers like Baauer and Skrillex.

How do you maintain such a laser focus on your work? Do you find it difficult to do so while touring, as compared to working at home?

When I’m not on tour I make beats. But I throw away like 95% of what i make (which I’m trying to get better at). So I try to focus on what I think is my best work, which makes the pressure real to make it as good as possible. Making music while touring is super hard as I’m usually hungover a lot. But hey, I managed to finish “Chinchilla” on a tour bus so it can’t be that bad.

What was it like performing on your first tour?

It was insane, I had no idea what to expect, and the whole thing was surreal to me. But I’m glad it was with Minnesota n G Jones, they were super awesome and chill, so many funny times!

We’ve heard you got some big collaborations coming up, and you’re supported by everyone from Skrillex to Justice. Is it strange adjusting to this new and increasing level of success?

It’s the craziest, most awesome thing ever! So inspiring. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU TRY!

Words: Staley Sharples