Gig Review: Under Canvas Launch Party

I walked into the small quarters of one golf to a fairly packed room flooded with the walking bass and looping vocals of Mad Rey’s “Quartier Sex”. Almost immediately the piano jumped in and I was captured by the music. Drudging through the dancing crowd I noticed they had moved the equipment from its usual location to under the stairs. It definitely created some more space on the dance floor but couldn’t quite compensate for the usual issue of not being able to enjoy the freedom of moving much. Regardless people were enjoying the music and having a good time.

From what I heard of Soul Patch the overall track selection made for a nice rhythmic night of house. Mixing on both vinyl and CDJ’s, they did an impressive job of slowly building the crowd with their tracks and then releasing everyone with a banger or two. Despite a few hiccups with the needle skipping from the occasional bump of the table, the set sounded pretty effortless. Gerald Mitchel’s “It’s the Phuture” is a great example of a building track they played towards the end.

Mitchell’s off Rush Hour Records are based in Amsterdam, but the track’s rising piano and contrasting bass kicks are very reminiscent of an old Detroit sound. The high synths flow beautifully with the bass providing an interesting adaption to a classic sound. A song or two later the student duo dropped this track:

A more up beat kind of clumsy track, but with its up tempo claps, heavily treated deep synth and the Spanish vocals it was hard not to move. I won’t say much more, but I wanted to make a special mention of their closing track. After the place emptied out a bit and it looked like it was about to end, Soul Patch threw on ‘I will survive’. It started off at a slowed tempo drawing out the opening lines of the song, and then suddenly switched up to its normal pace right before the lights were thrown on. The now half empty dance floor was feeling it though, and the somewhat uncharacteristic song proved to be a perfect end to the set.

Overall vibes rating for the night: 8.1

(*disclaimer* Vibes rating measures purely vibes and nothing else. This is variant on many factors. The scale is arbitrary.)

Words: Jasper Pakshong

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