“B-Boy,” Meek Mill ft. Big Sean

Meek Mill surprised us with a third single off his sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. 808-heavy “B Boy” boasts straight bars, no hook: having all three rappers going off on each their verses.

Take a look at their best lines.

Recently a free man (and Nicki Minaj’s man?), Meek Mill has a lot going for him in the near future along with his album. Hopefully he’ll step up his game for it, because Ferg and Sean outshine him on his own track. Mill even had to borrow some Vine-famous flow for the outro. 

Mill’s best:
“Mink draggin’, tell PETA I’m swaggin
All these karat like I’m tryna lure in a rabbit”

“Trap Lord” A$AP Ferg looks to be still grinding despite A$AP Mob’s loss of co-founder, A$AP Yams. Though Ferg has the only repetitive lines on the track, he still remains all over the place and rapping his stream of consciousness. Very much like his recent single, “Doe-Active”, it’s unpredictability, funniness, and celebrity-name dropping, seems to be a pretty good formula for him.

Ferg’s best:
“You should lay off on the gangsta talk cause you’re fake, dog
You never pushed no yay, dawg, ain’t see no keys like Ray Charles”

I’d like to imagine that between a take of the music video Big Sean goes over to Ariana and affirms, “You know I wasn’t talking about you in any of that, babe.” *eskimo kisses* All jokes aside, Big Sean is blowing up, hyping up his already highly anticipated Dark Sky Paradise even more. At ex-fiancée Naya Rivera’s expense, “IDFWU” is an anthem and a huge success. “B Boy” and his own single, “Blessings” dropped in the same week and everyone is showing him love, even Kanye.

Sean’s best:
“Yeah, and I got money bags under my eyes, ho, cause I ain’t sleep
They all Goyard too cause I ain’t cheap
Finally Famous, Aura Gold is my I-N-C
And I put everything in motion like I-N-G”

Just to emphasis how hype this track is:


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