Gig Review: House of Horrors

In this brief intermission period between holidays, let’s look back to Thursday, October 30th, when the students of St. Andrews kicked off the season with House of Horror. With the brisk winds of fall quickly descending and the ever-eerie Halloween creeping closer and closer, a crowd of thrill-seeking students wandered the streets of St. Andrews towards Madras College.

Enthusiasts with an extra costume to show off started the Halloween extravaganza early with the anticipation of the spooky season in the air. Outside Madras College, students piled onto the buses ready to be shipped off to House of Horror in their gore covered costumes and terrifyingly painted faces. Though the event wasn’t packed wall-to-wall, it was a fun night of frightful decorations, and costume-clad students dancing the evening away. The two sets by St. Andrews’ Saunit and Kalliope provided the perfect accompaniment for a night that provided “a step into and out of reality,” according to attendee Rahil Badhwar.

The packs of students spilled off the buses into Kinkell Byre, where they were immediately greeted by a scare from behind the curtains. Thankfully, they were also soon greeted with a complimentary syringe shot as they entered the haunting entrance of the event filled with Saunits eerie deep house and techno sounds. Saunit’s set slowly built up with some groovier dancing tunes, while a trickle of the remaining guests came in cabs.

Once more people had arrived, and a buzz had filled the dark halls of Kinkell Byre, Saunit changed the vibe a bit, showing a transition into a hard hitting combination of trap and hip hop with the help of artists such as Ricky Rosé, Flocka, and Schoolboy Q.
Kalliope picked up the main set for the night, calling the people ready to dance to the dance floor with some dirty trap tracks, and the occasional hit to lighten the mood. She led the horror rejoicing crowd to her upbeat, bassy, synth filled rhythmic beat. Taking a step back as some RL Grime trailed off into another song and took in the scene of dancing skeletons, sumo wrestlers, and bananas bouncing up and down to the beat, in a surreal moment of clarity, I caught a glimpse of the true purpose of Halloween.

Although it may not have officially been Halloween, it was a good way for the enthusiastic bunch to get out of the town for a night out, as they crowded towards the stage, dancing into the haunted vibes of the night. With good music, spooky atmosphere, and a bar never far away, House of Horror made for a great starter to St Andrews’ ball season.

Words: Jasper Pakshong